Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Betty Moment

Every year I volunteer with an organization called Betties 360, which provides outdoor adventure experiences to at-risk teen girls. Through the program, adult women are mentors to girls in a variety of settings--rock climbing, windsurfing, snowshoeing, mountain biking-- in order to help them build the self-confidence and go-get-'em attitude of a "Betty."

So last weekend a bunch of us were at the coast, enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine. It was just what we needed-- a break from the chilly, often gray winters that Portland throws at us. We surfed two days in pretty rough waters-- insanely strong current that made it hard to even walk straight, huge sets, and gusty winds. Despite the conditions, it was awesome to just be in the water surrounded by such a gorgeous, bluebird day. My "Betty moment" came on our last day. We awoke to mild temperatures and rough surf. As part of my video application for the "Best Job in the World", we wanted some footage of me in the waves. So I pulled on my 6/4 wetsuit, hood, booties, and gloves and trekked down to the water. Normally this is no big deal-- but today was a little strange because there was not another soul on the water. No one was attempting to surf, stand-up paddle board (like Gerry Lopez was the day before) or kayak. The beach was eerily vacant. I took a deep breath, put on a big smile, and. . . action! I'm not sure if the footage of me being thrashed around in the whitewater will make it onto the video... but regardless, I definitely felt like a Betty. And sometimes that's all that matters.


  1. That definitely took some nerve to be the only surfer out there being thrashed around. Way to go,, "Betty"!

  2. That is so FANTASTIC. I hope against all hope that you get that job. I hope your adventure will inspire me to get out more! (I have NO excuse since we live in San Diego!)